Row Row Row my Boat

27 Oct

Today it is back to the gym after a very busy couple days with no time to breath let alone steal away for lunch.

The plan of attack on my lunch hour:

  • 15 minutes on the treadmill at at 4MPH pace at a 10 incline
  • 15 minutes on the rowing machine
  • 10 minutes doing side and front crunches

Then tonight after a great dinner and football game with the bf and his parents- I will hit up my treadmill at home at a 10 incline and 3.8 MPH for 45-60 minutes and 15 minutes of curls with 8-10lb weights.

**Gotta get these legs toned!!**

When do you find is the best time for your work out?


OMFG, really an 8?

26 Oct

It is time for a party!

I went shopping for some jeans that weren’t so “I have a wet soggy diaper” butt looking and more “woot woot look at that butt” pair of jeans.

Express is my place of choice for jeans– they tend to keep their darker wash longer and the length is much better for me.

There jeans with the cute flap pockets were 90 bucks. It was a lot, but after my “date” with the dressing room, I would have shelled out 290 bucks for those suckers.

I bought a pair of size 8 jeans… yes size eight.. something I have not worn in at least 4 years. I have been hovering between the 10-12 and when I got all serious about losing weight in September, I am seeing the results.

The jeans are amazing– however– I have another goal– that by January 1st I will be in a size 6 jean.

Is that feasible? You bet your sweet ass it is. I will get where I need to be, I will continue my lunch dates with the gym, eating healthier foods in smaller portions and focusing on things that are good for me in all aspects of life.

Have you started your goals for the month of November? I plan to have mine decided on and posted on October 29th. Time to hunker down and prepare.

Being Unperfect… is starting to work for me.

26 Oct

Pumpkin…it is an intense craving

22 Oct

I ate my super nutritious, healthy and lower calorie lunch today.

A turkey, mustard and green pepper sandwich on a 100 calorie bagel thin, half a cucumber and a bag of 100 calorie Pop Chips.

Then while perusing some blogs, I found that EVERYONE is talking about pumpkin and now I have a craving that is something fierce.

Not gonna lie… I am about to head out to Starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte AND a pumpkin scone.. Yep I hit the gym today and I got an A in my 2nd masters class.

I deserve a treat damnit!

Starbucks… you better have a scone or you might get that hot coffee right back through the drive through window.


When my own life becomes my motivation.

22 Oct

It has been wonderful, great things happening, changes in my both on the inside and the outside. I am happy, ecstatic and motivated.

I need to clarify my last email about SingleMa‘s challenge, it wasn’t difficult or too much of her to ask when she was doing this great challenge. I just always found myself too busy, too forgetful or not around a computer when I needed to jump on the scale and report my findings. So to say unfortunately I didn’t win, it was because of my own doing, that’s all. But it did change me. I never, honestly, would have thought an internet challenge would change me, I have tried them before and jumped off the wagon WAY before the end, but this time I didn’t let up.

I think it was because I had some really junky stuff going on in my personal life- a horrible BF experience, putting my puppy of 16 years too sleep and being bombarded with so many things and not much me time. It felt like the only constant thing was in fact the gym. It was the only  place in the world I felt I could have ‘me’ time and didn’t feel any pressure to think about anything besides working out and releasing endorphins.

Then if all that wasn’t enough I heard that as of October 1st the FHA were changing their rules on mortgages. I immediately put an offer in for a house I had been eyeing but wasn’t sure if now was the right time.

But here is the scenario:

Since moving out of the house I shared with my BF back in March, I have been living at home AT 28!! I love my parents and all the time this experience has allowed me to spend with them, but I knew it was a temporary thing. I thought for certain I would only be there for a few months, but it was a wonderful opportunity to pay off my debt and save for a downpayment on a house. And that is just what I did. On October 1st I went under contract for my very FIRST and most wonderful house.

And to the surprise of myself, I decided, I didn’t have to wait for a man to do it with. I am a fearless and independent woman who doesn’t need anyone at all to help me achieve my goals. And I made the leap, with no thoughts of who shall catch me if I fall, I just have to have faith in myself and my abilities to build my own wealth and destiny.

You wanna see it:::









She is beautiful, right? It has 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a study and a kitchen that makes me so happy. It has hardwood floors on the 2nd floor and plantation shutters throughout the whole house. I absolutely cannot wait to move in in about a month. Thanksgiving at my house, what what?

See what I mean… so far so good this past month or so.

I have still been keeping up with the gym the other night I did 65 minutes on the treadmill at a 10 incline and burned over 800 calories, then on my lunch I have been going to hit up the elliptical machine. The gym is about 1/2 a mile from my new house, it was meant to be 😉

So much excitement- where do I start?

20 Oct

Well I was participating in Singlema‘s Punk my Plateau, unfortunately I didn’t win because so much was going on the simple act of emailing my weight and picture on a scale every Sunday night was just too much. Lame right? That being said I still did keep up my end of the bargain and I stayed committed. I ‘pledged’ to lose 7 pounds in the month of September, with too much stress, a bit of exercising and a much better outlook on portion sizes I dropped not only the 7 pounds I ‘pledged’ too, but came in at a WHOOPING 11 pound weight loss.

That is right:::Good Riddance you stinky, ugly 11 pounds!!

That loss gets me a bit closer to my first ‘mini’ goal weight but still about 10 pounds to go until I hit my first goal weight. I feel good, I feel healthier, sexier, leaner and just happier. Really I am getting back some of that self confidence that I thought was gone forever.

The idea of the Punk my Plateau challenge really rocked, it helped me set a realistic goal and amped up my competitive side with a chance to beat someone else. Although I loss due to my own issues, I am ready again.

I am planning a November challenge. I hope to not do it alone, but we shall see what comes of it.

Anyone up for a little weight loss challenge?

The only caveat..before and after pictures required (I will only publish with your permission and yeah you can cut off your head if you would prefer)

I plan to do it in my favorite LBD I bought in the summer that doesn’t fit. So I will judge my progress based on how it starts to fit, as well as my number on the scale.

Who’s in?

And don’t think that is all of my exciting news, oh heavens no, I am telling you this has been a great month for me. Check back as soon as you can.

Oh blogging, have I missed you?

19 Oct

Well yes and no.

An interesting answer of sorts, I suppose.

However life has truly gotten away from me, I have been so busy and gone through so many changes, I feel like I am ready to be back.

Honestly, the daily pictures of food bore me, though food does not, I want something new. I feel like I am jumping on the bandwagon of simplifying and getting back to gratitude. But with things going as well **knock on wood, it stays that way** I feel it is what is best for me.

I am preparing for a great welcome back post tomorrow with many a update. Is it a faux pas to welcome myself back?

Anyone even out there anymore?