Day Two: Vegetarian, I don’t know if this is for me.

13 Aug

Lunch was pretty amazing. Looks like a burger, right?

Well it’s not, it’s a portobella mushroom burger and it was fan-freaking-tastic. This I could do. With a side of honey roasted carrots, yes please!

However, I did get an email from the Culinary Club with Tony’s Market my ultimate foodie heaven (yep, better than the farmers markets) for a buy one pound of chicken wings get a pound free. Now normally I am a chicken wing girl if we go out and are watching some sporting event and drinking some beer. Maybe it was the new frugal me or maybe just missing the memory of a cool UFC fight or a football game, I don’t know.

But I went for it. I drove over to Tony‘s on my lunch hour and picked up some goodies. Hopefully the family will love some hot wings and some grilled corn for lunch on Sunday. Maybe I can make an addendum to include only chicken instead of fish? My blog, my rules, right?

Tonight is a night out with my closest friends to celebrate my 28th birthday and I got to chose the restaurant. So I chose this cute restaurant in the Creek called Second Home, How cute is that, right?

I am trying to plan ahead with my menu choices and along with a much needed glass of white I am going to get the:

Sweet potato chips,white cheddar-sour cream & chive dip


Grilled Peach Salad : Arugula, two year old white cheddar,peach balsamic vinaigrette, toasted hazelnuts.

Hopefully the group enjoys the restaurant, I always try to pick new and eccentric places for people to try and fall in love with. Something about a nice restaurant, great company and delicious food makes me so happy. It makes me feel like I’m living a scene out of a movie. I think it would be the coolest job ever to be a food critic, I can be an amateur, right?

Maybe you will see a review up this weekend. I don’t plan on a really late night tonight since my body is screaming for pjs and a comfy couch, but they are my favorite people in the whole world, so we shall see.

I even got a chance to try this Yogurtland place today on my lunch and I must say. PINKBERRY rules!! I was not that impressed, while their yogurts tasted delicious first bite, after that it left a disgusting aftertaste. Not the best.

What is your vote: Yogurtland, Pinkberry or some other version?


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