She is beautiful, blue and bold!

19 Aug

3 years later and it was finally time to replace the jeep. I decided I wanted something sporty. So here she is:

Do you like her? I am very excited this beauty is really fast and very different from my jeep. Ya know the color is what really sold me.

I am in love *swoon*

With trying to get this deal done, I haven’t had much time to grocery shop which is why my meals haven’t been on here, I am talking Subway, McDonald’s and way too many restaurants to name. All bad stuff and it has certainly wrecked my eating plan and my face, it is amazing when you go so long not doing fast food or getting healthy stuff instead of your favorites, how quickly it will show up on your face, or is that just me?

Oh well except one.. I have to tell you about, if you live in Denver or are ever visiting the area this pizza place was great.

Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria

A group of about 15 of us met for dinner and drinks for a Junior League event and this was the first time I had ever checked out the place and it was great. They offer neopolitian style pizza that will blow your mind. This is what I had and let me tell you I WILL be going back.

Toscana: Fresh Mozzarella, San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Topped with Arugula, Grape Tomatoes, Prosciutto di Parma, Gran Cru and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What is your favorite way to enjoy pizza?

My old answer would have been pepperoni and mushrooms and my new answer, surprisingly, is with as many veggies as they can pile on.. Yum


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