Workout Wednesday

25 Aug

I knew today was going to be crazy in the workout department in terms of getting back in the saddle, or is it getting back on the horse? Either way.. today was the day.

See Morning Fuel:

I had completely planned on putting some jelly on the toast, but it had been so long since I have used jelly that what I had in the office fridge had mold IN it. Seriously, people? I needed something sweet to balance this breakfast, but I suppose plain toast would suffice.

Around 1, I rolled over to the gym and hopped on an elliptical and pounded out 2.5 miles burning 308 calories and I did 100 crunches; 50 side and 50 front. It felt good, slow, but good. I was drenched but nothing a quick shower couldn’t fixed then back to the office for some afternoon snackage. I was feeling famished.

Next on the agenda: a 5:30 Zumba class!! I did a Zumba class last year and really liked it but couldn’t justify paying 70 bucks a month when I already have a gym membership, but now my gym offers it and I am going to test it out. Then I plan on doing another 100 crunches and then later tonight 10 minutes or so doing some curls and things with my 10 lb weights.

What is your workout plan for the day?

So… I picked some really cool races for September and October now I just have to find a November & December race and I will be on my way to achieving my goal.


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