First 5k of the season results

31 Aug

Let me start by saying… I never quite made it to doing my mini 5k the week leading up to it on my treadmill. Now I did hit the gym and I did work out but actually running, nope didn’t happen.

Lets set the stage..shall we?

It is 5pm, about 90 degrees outside, the sun is beating down on the blacktop and the first mile or so of the race is upfreakinghill. I am NOT by any stretch of the imagination a runner, never was, well except that time in 3rd grade where I was the fastest runner in school, but that must have been a fluke. Maybe my mom paid off the gym teacher, I don’t know.

So I start the run with my friend, who I told absolutely under no circumstances should she wait for me, we ran together for about 1/4 mile and then  I couldn’t do it anymore the heat, the cotton mouth and the uphill battle were killing me. I trotted over to the side and did a mall walk (my terms for getting my ass through every store in the whole mall before it closes in 45 minutes) but my legs were like lead, I practically had to lift them up with each step. So I would walk then jog and just alternate. Admittedly WAY more walking than jogging. But I ran the last 1/4 mile strong. I huffed and puffed and didn’t care about how cute I looked crossing that finish line and I just crossed it.

I had a goal before I set out on that 5k, I wanted to do it in under 45 minutes. I know most people did it in 35 minutes or faster but I’m just not there yet. At first I was embarrassed and felt stupid about going so slow, but guess what my out of shape but PAID to run, I CHOSE to do this on a Saturday evening. Hell yeah for sticking with it.

I ended up doing it in 44:14, 46 seconds faster than my goal.

My next goal will be doing it in 40 minutes or less…

Baby steps people, baby steps.


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