OMFG, really an 8?

26 Oct

It is time for a party!

I went shopping for some jeans that weren’t so “I have a wet soggy diaper” butt looking and more “woot woot look at that butt” pair of jeans.

Express is my place of choice for jeans– they tend to keep their darker wash longer and the length is much better for me.

There jeans with the cute flap pockets were 90 bucks. It was a lot, but after my “date” with the dressing room, I would have shelled out 290 bucks for those suckers.

I bought a pair of size 8 jeans… yes size eight.. something I have not worn in at least 4 years. I have been hovering between the 10-12 and when I got all serious about losing weight in September, I am seeing the results.

The jeans are amazing– however– I have another goal– that by January 1st I will be in a size 6 jean.

Is that feasible? You bet your sweet ass it is. I will get where I need to be, I will continue my lunch dates with the gym, eating healthier foods in smaller portions and focusing on things that are good for me in all aspects of life.

Have you started your goals for the month of November? I plan to have mine decided on and posted on October 29th. Time to hunker down and prepare.


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