8 Days & 500 miles later…

8 Sep

So I just got back from my Chicago vacation and we had a phenomenal time!  Just look at some of the pictures. We really had a blast and walked what I estimated to be about 500 miles, but was probably closer to 30 over the course of the long weekend. We visited Oprah Studios (well the outside), Willis Tower (AKA Sears Tower), Navy Pier, Millennium Park, The Art Institute, Grant Park, Shedd Aquarium and Wrigley Field. Rode the Ferris wheel, took a phenomenal food tour, ordered room service, finally tried Red Mango, watched a movie while also admiring our 40 story city view, rode the ‘L’, ,the subway, a taxi and managed to see and do everything we had really wanted to see. It was a successful trip and I will admit we were completely enamored with the city and were coming up with quick ideas on how we could move there.

As far as food and exercise go, we didn’t end up doing ANY sort of exercise besides the daily tromping around the city and we ate well. I mean, we splurged but also shared alot of things so that our calorie count wouldn’t be as high as the Hancock building. So this morning I stepped on the scale and was saddened by only .2 pounds of weight loss. But I have to remind myself,  I still have 3 weeks to go and lots of plans in between. Time to commit to a full scale attack. Unfortunately, I have a JL meeting tonight so I will have to miss my Zumba class, but I intend to still make it to the treadmill afterwards and maybe even some P90X ab work.

Do you think as a reader that pictures show a better picture of change or the number on a scale?


Punk my Plateau

1 Sep

I had the best time doing the 5k even though I may not have come out on top and it just further motivates me to keep running. I even saw my finish line picture today and dare I say but it is kind of cute! Maybe I will post it here, I am still not sure how I want to do that.

So what is Punk my Plateau well it is a pretty cool sounding challenge with Single Ma over at Fabulous Financials. We all set upon a goal of losing xx amount of weight in the month of September. I am committing to losing SEVEN pounds this month, which will be especially interesting with my 4 day trip to Chicago this weekend.  I plan on bringing my running shoes and my bathing suit so while even on vacation I plan to get my sweat on.

How do I plan to lose 7 pounds in one month?

  • Wednesday night Zumba Classes
  • Another 5k… this time with my dog
  • Cut down on sweets & carbs (but not eliminate)
  • Lifting weights 4x a week
  • Going to the gym on my lunch hour 3x a week
  • Switching from Venti to Grande when I hit up the ‘Bucks
  • Try one new group fitness class
  • Make more weekend or outings with friends active
  • Once a week do a 5k on the treadmill

I will post a real proof picture of the scale and where I am going from here.

… September 1st and I am off… dun dun dun

First 5k of the season results

31 Aug

Let me start by saying… I never quite made it to doing my mini 5k the week leading up to it on my treadmill. Now I did hit the gym and I did work out but actually running, nope didn’t happen.

Lets set the stage..shall we?

It is 5pm, about 90 degrees outside, the sun is beating down on the blacktop and the first mile or so of the race is upfreakinghill. I am NOT by any stretch of the imagination a runner, never was, well except that time in 3rd grade where I was the fastest runner in school, but that must have been a fluke. Maybe my mom paid off the gym teacher, I don’t know.

So I start the run with my friend, who I told absolutely under no circumstances should she wait for me, we ran together for about 1/4 mile and then  I couldn’t do it anymore the heat, the cotton mouth and the uphill battle were killing me. I trotted over to the side and did a mall walk (my terms for getting my ass through every store in the whole mall before it closes in 45 minutes) but my legs were like lead, I practically had to lift them up with each step. So I would walk then jog and just alternate. Admittedly WAY more walking than jogging. But I ran the last 1/4 mile strong. I huffed and puffed and didn’t care about how cute I looked crossing that finish line and I just crossed it.

I had a goal before I set out on that 5k, I wanted to do it in under 45 minutes. I know most people did it in 35 minutes or faster but I’m just not there yet. At first I was embarrassed and felt stupid about going so slow, but guess what my out of shape but PAID to run, I CHOSE to do this on a Saturday evening. Hell yeah for sticking with it.

I ended up doing it in 44:14, 46 seconds faster than my goal.

My next goal will be doing it in 40 minutes or less…

Baby steps people, baby steps.

Healthy Living Blog Resource

26 Aug

What a great tool, I think I am now obsessed with a few more blogs from perusing this site. ((Great just what I need, hey, who needs work anyhow))

Wanna be a part of this…

Healthy Living Blogs is a new resource for the health blogging community. Created by Lindsey of Sound Eats, HLB is a site designed to enhance the positive community of the healthy living blog world. Bloggers and readers can explore the site and find more blogs to love, bloggers in their area, and forums to deepen healthy discussion and support. If you’re interested in having your site listed on HLB, simply send the following information to healthylivingblogs@gmail.com and check the site out for yourself!

  • Email subject line: MEMBERS

  • Your name (please share if you prefer to go by first name, first and last, or however you prefer to be known on the Internet)

  • Blog Name

  • Blog URL (please start with http://, not www.)

  • Your twitter handle, if applicable

  • Your location (if you prefer not to disclose this information for privacy’s sake, that is completely understandable. We’ll simply include your blog listing in the A-Z listing, not by location, too)

  • Any specific labels (i.e. vegan, gluten-free, weight loss, running, etc.)

Do you Zumba?

26 Aug

I think I love you!

Last night I tried out my second Zumba class.

The first one was done by a couple in the basement of an office building it was alot of fun, but hard to keep up with for a girl with no rhythm. But last night I tried the class at my 24 hour fitness and I really had a blast. Now I have a standing Wednesday night date.

Apparently wearing nike tempos and a t shirt that might have been a bit too bit for me is most certainly not the cutest look when you are trying to shake what yo momma gave ya. Next time more form fitting capris would be much better.

Do you Zumba?

Workout Wednesday

25 Aug

I knew today was going to be crazy in the workout department in terms of getting back in the saddle, or is it getting back on the horse? Either way.. today was the day.

See Morning Fuel:

I had completely planned on putting some jelly on the toast, but it had been so long since I have used jelly that what I had in the office fridge had mold IN it. Seriously, people? I needed something sweet to balance this breakfast, but I suppose plain toast would suffice.

Around 1, I rolled over to the gym and hopped on an elliptical and pounded out 2.5 miles burning 308 calories and I did 100 crunches; 50 side and 50 front. It felt good, slow, but good. I was drenched but nothing a quick shower couldn’t fixed then back to the office for some afternoon snackage. I was feeling famished.

Next on the agenda: a 5:30 Zumba class!! I did a Zumba class last year and really liked it but couldn’t justify paying 70 bucks a month when I already have a gym membership, but now my gym offers it and I am going to test it out. Then I plan on doing another 100 crunches and then later tonight 10 minutes or so doing some curls and things with my 10 lb weights.

What is your workout plan for the day?

So… I picked some really cool races for September and October now I just have to find a November & December race and I will be on my way to achieving my goal.

Fearful of my first race of the year.

24 Aug

The weather is turning a bit cooler which means it is time to start the race season and guess who is going to be joining? Me, yep this girl, who only ever does the Race for the Cure because it is for a good cause. But guess what else, my health and my goals are my own good cause so I plan to run in at least five 5ks before the year is over.

Achievable? Absolutely.

First race is this weekend the 28th. Check out the schedule:

Race Day Schedule

Saturday, August 28, 2010


3:00 PM Packet pickup and Race day registration opens
4:30 PM Last call for race check-in
5:00 PM Women’s start
5:03 PM Men’s start
5:15 PM Block Party begins
5:45 PM Awards
6:00 PM Fashion Show
6:15 PM Dating games & prizes
8:00 PM Wrap up

Sounds really cool, right? In order to be semi prepared to do this, I plan on jogging 3.1 miles every night until race day. I need to build my endurance up. I do know that this will not get me to a place where I can run the whole thing without huffing and puffing, but it is a good start.

If I complete this and really enjoy it I plan to treat myself to a new pair of running shoes. I “designed” them on Nike’s Website.

What do you think?

Any local Denverites that have any suggestions for fun 5ks coming up?